The 12 Best Pellet Grills

There are various different types of grills you can choose depending on which type of fuel you want to use: gas, wood, electric, charcoal, or wood pellets. Here, we will be talking about pellet grills specifically. They are becoming more and more popular because of the many advantages they provide.

For starters, the flavor of meat grilled on pellets are outstanding. Unlike other methods, you can also vary the taste by changing the type of pellets you use. You can even mix various types to create your trademark flavor. Don’t believe us? Read on.

We distinguish three main types of pellets: premium, standard, and food-grade. Food grade pellets are the only variety that contains no additives and various artificial flavors, so it’s important to remember to buy this kind. You will want to choose different flavors, though, depending on whether you will be grilling beef, fish, chicken, or vegetables. Some of the types you can choose from include Alder, Cherry, Apple, Herb, Maple, Oak, and Charwood. This is only a small portion of an ever-growing pallet of taste, so there is plenty of space for experimenting and finding your ideal flavor. This is simply one piece in the impressive puzzle that is pellet grilling.

Another plus to pellet grilling is the ease of use. Pellet grills are well- known for being user-friendly and have many features that other kinds miss. You can start it with one push of the button, so there is no need for lighter fluid or gas. You also won’t need to worry about the outside temperature, which makes grilling so much easier, putting all the control in your hands. Pellet grills are also, in general, more versatile because of the various grilling options they provide. True, that makes them more expensive, but it’s all well worth it in the end.

Here is the list of 12 best pellet grills that are currently available on the market.

Traeger Lil' Tex Elite 22Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite 22 Pellet Grill

We will start the list with the Lil’ Tex Elite 22. With this model, the people from Traeger achieved their goal of making the ultimate wood pellet grill. This model offers six different functions in one grill. You can choose between various temperature settings to bake, roast, braise, grill, smoke, or BBQ your food to utter perfection.

The Lil’ Tex Elite 22 has an integrated digital controller that keeps the temperature in the range of +/- 20° F, and is very easy to use. The temperature goes up to 450° F, which is clearly seen on the LED display. A simple on/off switch is used to start grilling.

The porcelain grates are easy to clean, and no meat will stick to them. This grill covers 418 square inches of space, which is enough to accommodate four whole chickens or 16 burgers. The pellet hopper capacity is 18 pounds. And advanced durability is achieved thanks to the solid steel construction and powder coat finish.

Here is how it all works. You will put your pellets into the hopper. The auger will pull just enough pellets into the firepot where they will be ignited by a hot rod. An induction fan kindles the fire. While the smoke and heat circulate through the barrel, all the excess grease will be removed and land on the drip tray.

Overall, this is an excellent pellet grill made to satisfy all of your culinary impulses. But beware. Once you try it, there is no going back.

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Z Grills ZPG-450AZ Grills ZPG-450A Pellet Grill

Here we have a truly amazing pellet grill that is also pretty affordable. It features great versatility as an ultimate 7-in-1 combo. Feel free to choose between the following options: baking, roasting, grilling, smoking, searing, and braising. This model features fan-forced convection cooking, which removes the need for a rotisserie. The ZPG-450A is a user-friendly pellet grill, with a large digital control board on which all of the options are presented with LED display.

Choose between temperatures ranging from 180 to 475° F and it will be controlled with utmost precision. The grill produces an optimal amount of smoke, which means you will be saving money in comparison with regular, less economical grills. This is a fairly large pellet grill, with a grilling area of 450 square inches. The hopper can take up to 20 pounds of pellets, which is more than enough for a day’s work. A foldable working shelf and all-terrain wheels take care of portability and practicality. The cover and racks are completely rust proof and will last you a long time. Simply put, this is an amazing grill that will satisfy all of your cooking needs.


Camp Chef Woodwind SG 24Camp Chef Woodwind SG 24 Pellet Grill

The Woodwind SG 24 is a high-end model that offers an absolutely monstrous cooking area of 811 square inches, which is enough to feed the whole block! The Woodwind utilizes Smart Smoke technology, so just stand aside and let it do all the work. As expected, this is a versatile 7-in-1 model, but what sets is apart from other pellet grills is the fact that it comes with a Sear Box. It reaches temperatures up to 900° F with no problem, giving you a crisp, caramelized finish.

Dual meat probes deliver you an accurate temperature, giving you more control. Thanks to the slide & grill technology, The Woodwind utilizes two completely different flavor profiles. You will be known as a grill-master in no time. The hopper capacity is 22 pounds, making it the largest on the list. For easier cleaning, the folks at Camp Chef have constructed an Ash Cleanout system that you won’t find anywhere else. All of these features amount to one of the best pellet grills around.

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Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite 34Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite 34 Pellet Grill

The Lil’ Tex Elite 34 is the bigger brother of the previous model. As expected, this model also offers 6-in-1 versatility so that you can bake, smoke, BBQ, roast, or grill your food to absolute deliciousness. Once your food is inside, the Digital Elite Controller will guarantee that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate, so your food will always be grilled evenly. The temperature is set easily by turning a dial, and it can be easily read on the LED screen.

The Lil’ Tex Elite 34 offers you 646 square inches of space, which is enough to grill six chickens or over 20 hamburgers! Traeger’s hardwood pellets are recommended if you want pure wood flavor without any of the fillers or binding agents.

The grill can easily be moved thanks to the easy-glide wheels, which can also be locked. And after all the meals are done, you will spend little time cleaning your grill, thanks to the non-stick porcelain grill grates. This high-end model also offers excellent durability as it is constructed out of steel. All in all, it’s another amazing pellet grill coming from Traeger and is ideal for big backyard parties. Your guests will be delighted.


REC TEC RT-340 TrailblazerREC TEC RT-340 Trailblazer Pellet Grill

The RT 340 Trailblazer is another premium pellet grill option made even more convenient with a push-button option. Precise monitoring of each cook is achieved with 2 built-in probes that plug into the Trailblazer. Its Wi-Fi technology means you can control your grill remotely. You can also use this model in your backyard or take it on a road-trip thanks to the lockable folding legs and easy-glide wheels. A stainless steel cooking chamber sets a high-quality cooking standard. You can choose between 6 grilling options: baking, smoking, searing, broiling, grilling, or roasting. Food can also be dehydrated.

An automatic shutdown feature is included to guarantee your safety in every possible situation. The grill also features a cool-down mode, which will lower the temperature from 500° to 200° F in 5-degree increments. The LO setting gives you the possibility to monitor two cooks at the same time. The Xtreme smoke setting will achieve maximum smoke output under 200° F. The steel cooking chamber also allows you to achieve temperatures above 500°. The grill cover and pad are made out of high-quality materials, making this yet another impressive pellet grill that is a serious contender for those of you with deeper pockets.

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Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & SmokerZ Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Next on the list, we have a second solid pellet grill from Z Grills. It features a digital control board on which you can set the grill to any temperature ranging from 180° F to 450° F. The temperature can oscillate +/- 20 ° F. The model is fueled 100% be wood pellets. On this versatile grill, you can bake, smoke, roast, barbecue, and braise your food. It can also function as an oven in which you can bake your bread. This model is also extremely durable, thanks to the fact that the body and lid are made of stainless steel.

It’s very portable with four wheels, two of which have a brake. The hopper capacity is set to 20 pounds, which is more than enough. The dimensions of the grilling area are 19.2 x 26 inches and the warming/smoking rack 7 x 27.5, which amounts to a vast surface area of 700 square inches! It is easy to clean the grill, too, as it features an integrated spigot that will drain grease into a cup. If all of this is not enough, the folks at Z Grills also offer you a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking for a solid pellet grill, you should seriously consider this one.


Camp Chef Smoke Pro DLX 24Camp Chef Smoke Pro DLX 24

What sets this model apart from all the others is the fact it features an exclusive ash cleanout system. You won’t need to vacuum your grill after each use, as ash is stored in the firebox. This pellet grill also offers a large-capacity pellet hopper. An easy start is achieved every time thanks to the auto-start ignition button.

A dual LED screen is included to show both food and internal cooking temperatures at all times. The smoker efficiency has also been improved thanks to the automatic auger. The dimensions are 19.5 x 22 inches of grilling area and 6 x 24 inches for the warming rack. In total. This amounts to 570 square inches of surface area. The Smoke Pro DLX 24 also has two wheels for easy portability. Overall, this is another good choice for you to consider.


Z GRILLS ZPG-7002EZ GRILLS ZPG-7002E Pellet Grill

If you are looking for the most versatile pellet grill, look no further. This is an 8-in-1 model that offers the following options: grill, bake, smoke, sear, roast, braise, char-grill, and barbeque. Cooking is based on the fan-forced convection, which eliminates your need for a rotisserie. It features a control board on which you can set any temperature in a range from 180° F to 475° F. The temperature is easily maintained with an automated feed system.

The hopper capacity is set to the industry standard of 20 pounds. That will last you for 20 hours of cooking. The total surface area is 700 square inches, of which the warming rack dimension is 187 square inches, so the grilling area amounts to 513 square inches.

It also has an oil collector for cleaning purposes. The grill is built out of stainless steel, which, of course, has high resistance to corrosion. This grill combines versatility with an affordable price, which makes it an excellent choice.


Traeger Grills Renegade EliteTraeger Grills Renegade Elite

Traeger is the most featured brand on our list for a reason. They offer amazing quality, and this model is no exception. The Renegade Elite is a slick-looking, family-sized pellet grill. The temperature ranges from 180-450° F, making this a versatile 6-in-1 model. Your food will be grilled to perfection because the temperature oscillations are kept to a minimum (+/- 20° F).

This is the only model on our list that has a tool caddy rack. And thanks to this rack, you will never forget where you’ve put all of your grilling tools. Additionally, there is also a prep rack that makes the whole cooking process go by with ease. The 380 square inches of space is perfect for at-home cooking. The porcelain grill grates have a non-stick surface that is remarkably easy to clean. You’ll also get a grease bucket, so there is no sticky business involved in cleaning. This is a solid model, and one to be kept in mind.


Pit Boss Grills 72700S PB72700SPit Boss Grills 72700S PB72700S

At first look, you can see that this pellet grill offers you a combination of versatility and practicality. It features an upgraded cart and wheels that can be locked for safety. With a total of 700 square inches, it is one of the larger grills on the market. The iron grids are coated with porcelain, which makes for incredibly easy cleaning. The exterior has a temperature resistant powder coat that is finished with a touch of blue-steel coloring.

This is also a durable grill because the surface is made out of cast-iron and includes an S-tier rack. the 72700S is ideal for groups of up to four people. The temperature ranges from 180° F to 500° F, which is quite enough for an 8-in-1 grill. The grill also features a flame broiler and digital control board. The 72700S shows us why the guys at Pit Boss Grills remain a main player in town.


Traeger TFS60LZCTraeger TFS60LZC Pellet Grill

Traeger strikes again with yet another entry on the list. The TFS60LZC is a premium pellet grill designed to satisfy all of your needs. Whether you like your food cooked fast or slow, this grill has you covered with six different modes. The temperature is kept in the range of +/- 20° F, which is good enough for grilling. All of this can be seen on LED display.

This is a super intuitive model that is very easy to use. It offers almost 600 square inches, which is enough to accommodate up to 20 burgers. The non-porcelain, 3-piece grate is icing on the cake and will save you a lot of cleaning time. The enclosed storage space is big enough to carry two full bags of pellets. The built-in shelves are extremely durable (made of steel) and will last you years, and mobility is made easier with caster-locking wheels. If you want to go all-out on a pellet grill, this model is what you need.


Camp Chef Smoke Pro LUXCamp Chef Smoke Pro LUX

Last, but not least, we have the Smoke Pro Lux from Camp Chef. This is their largest and newest model, as well as the most durable. You are in full control of the cooking process thanks to the LED temperature readout that shows both internal food and cooking temperature. The food temperature is measured accurately, thanks to the stainless steel probe.

Cleaning this grill is very easy as it features the Ash Can Cleanout System. This is the largest pellet grill on the list, with a total surface area of 875 square inches! The grilling area is 19.5 x 34 inches, and and the smoking rack packs an additional 6 x 34 inches. So, you can make more than enough food for all of your family members. The hopper holds up to 18 pounds of pellets and the weight of the whole portable grill measures in at 180 pounds. This is a true grilling beast that will never let you down.