The 10 Best Online Tea Stores

So you’re probably prepared to take the plunge into online shopping for tea bags. Here lies the problem: there are tons of online tea stores, with many stores offering a commodity that only comes second to water as the most consumed beverage in the world. The growth in the numbers of online tea stores is supported by the demand for convenient shopping as stores look to cash in on the massive tea industry, but you want to make sure that you’re shopping on a site that offers the best selection, prices, and convenience.

To narrow that huge list down, here are the 10 best online tea stores.

Adagio TeasAdagio Teas

Are you looking for the best all-around online loose-leaf tea shop? Look no further than Adagio Teas. Targeting expensive tea lovers, the online store has specialized in an extensive variety of loose-leaf teas, as well as teaware. Sourced directly from artisan growers, the teas provided by the store will always be fresh while also giving you some of the most superb tea flavors. With a wide selection of teas, the store will give you almost any type of tea you are looking for with types ranging from herbal tea to Master’s Collection.

With some of the best reviews, the tea products offered by Adagio Teas are highly trusted worldwide, giving you more confidence to try this online tea store. Even more interesting is the fact that the store includes information about where they originated from as well as a guide for brewing each tea, which means that you will never go wrong with preparing tea purchased from this store. With samples that ship internationally available, the store makes sure that you purchase teas that resonate with your taste, making sure that you will never be disappointed with your choice of tea from Adagio Teas.


Harney & SonsHarney & Sons

Enjoy the best tea blends from this the Harney & Sons online tea store. The US-based tea store offers great varieties of loose tea blends and sachets, such as Paris Tea and Tower of London Blend, so you can choose according to your taste for tea. A go-to brand when searching for tea for lattes and recipes, the online tea store gives lower costs for tea purchased directly from the store as opposed to other sites like Amazon with costs going as low as 60% of what is offered on affiliate sites.

With free ground shipping, you will save some money in shipping charges when you purchase from this online store with no charges regardless of the size of your purchase. Best known for their tea blends, Harney & Sons online tea store may not be as well stocked as some stores, but the available brands are always of magnificent quality.


Palais des ThésPalais des Thés

Chill out with the best tea from the Palais des Thés online tea store. A popular European tea store, its specialties include flavored teas, herbal teas, and single estate, which gives you a variety of options to choose from. Not only does the store offer a wide variety but the tea offered is quality tea sourced only from the best tea estates around the world, so you can enjoy exotic flavors of tea when you visit this store. Boasting a world-renowned founder in François-Xavier Delmas, the store gets its advantage from the founder who has spent more than 20 years touring the best tea plantations in the world while searching for the finest teas, which are offered by this tea store.

Featuring teas from Shizuoka to Darjeeling, as well as the Golden Triangle and Taiwan, the store offers you more than just tea as you embrace the flavor of the original lands in your living room. If you want to embark on a journey to try different teas, then this tea store will be a great starting point for you. The boutique-style shop allows you to explore the samples, which also ship internationally, so you will have access to these exotic flavors regardless of your location in the world.


Camellia SinensisCamellia Sinensis

Brew breathtaking teas purchased directly from the Camellia Sinensis online tea store. Based in Montreal, Canada, the company provides some of the highest reputable teas while also boasting top quality in their products, so you will be sure to enjoy the best of the best tea flavors. With free shipping on all products regardless of the amount of purchase, the store will save you lots in shipping charges anywhere in the US, with the only hinge being slight delays in cases where products get stuck in customs past the agreed date of delivery.

One advantage that Camellia Sinensis online tea store offers is a tea book, which comes in handy as a guide to enjoying the proper way, and you can also use this book as to provide a tea course due to its comprehensive coverage of everything to do with tea. Since all the teas sold by the store are excellent, you will feel safe ordering from the fantasist selection of teas offered by this store.


The Tea SpotThe Tea Spot

Embrace innovation drinking your tea from The Tea Spot online tea store. With innovative Steepware and providing handcrafted teas, the store will treat you to some of the tastiest tea flavors combined with an experience that will leave your taste buds yearning for more of the same. But it will also give you a variety to choose from to treat your boredom with any single brand of tea and keep things fresh every time you make a purchase. The store specializes in gourmet loose tea with single and handcrafted blends, as well as single-estate full leaf teas

With a large variety of special blends of tea that focus on health, the website not only offers quality tea but also a dose of half that comes along with many of their brands. A loose tea sampler comes with every order giving you something to look out for once your tea is exhausted. The founder of this company is a cancer survivor who was saved by the health benefits of tea, so you will be sure that you will get more than unmatched flavors. And the store gives you a chance to contribute to charity, as 10% of the proceeds are donated toward cancer and other community wellness programs.


In Pursuit of TeaIn Pursuit of Tea

Drink tea from the popular In Pursuit of Tea online tea store. There are high chances that you have already experienced the fresh taste of tea from this store given the high frequency that the name of this store features in tea menus across restaurants that range from small cafes to fine dining establishments across the city. In Pursuit of Tea has been in business since 1999 and possesses vast experience in sourcing excellent-quality tea. With loose tea sourced directly from tea farms, this established store ensures that you will enjoy some of the best tea flavors of top quality in the world.

They simply know tea, which guarantees you the best of the best. The matcha tea offered by this store is simply breathtaking, but so is everything else the store has to offer. The creative store also gives you access to their tea book, which will school you on the fine art of brewing and enjoying high-quality tea. You will never go wrong with anything they offer due to their focus on super high-quality tea. And with an incredibly friendly team, all your questions about offers will be answered in the best way possible, so you should never be afraid to send them an email with any of your concerns.



For the best matcha, visit the MatchaSource online tea store. Coming in different grades, getting the best matcha tea can be a difficult task. But purchasing matcha tea from this tea store guarantees you the best quality matcha tea you will find online. The added bonus you get from sourcing your tea from this store is that it also offers the specialty utensils you can use for preparing and enjoying your matcha.

With its focus placed strictly on matcha and varieties ranging from kitchen-grade to ceremony-grade as well as anything in between, the tea store allows you to select according to your taste and budget. The special tea is sourced from the young leaves that are plucked early in the harvest and which produce the most delicate and vegetal flavors. That mature leaves often contain coarser matter, tasting more astringent. The store ensures that its teas are handpicked in Japan by the Yahagi River.


Silver Needle Tea Co.Silver Needle Tea Co.

Source some of the best quality teas from this Silver Needle Tea Co. online tea store. You will soon be a big fan of this store thanks to their highly curated tea selections. Sourced directly from tea farms, the teas offered by this store are of the highest quality. Featuring only single-estate teas, the store ensures that the teas they offer are pure with no blends, which will bring the experience of quality tea to a whole new level.

You can begin with their excellent white tea to officially kickstart your journey to experience some of the freshest teas your taste buds will ever come across. Nothing beats a high-quality product that is also well-packaged, which is what you get by purchasing the teas offered by this store, as the store maintain exceptional packaging of their products. With only a small selection of teas, which are capped at 11, this one-stop tea shop will not give you a selection headache, but anything you choose will be top grade.


Material Matcha UjiMaterial Matcha Uji

Get your matcha teas from the Material Matcha Uji online tea store. With the ability to craft some of the highest quality of matcha green tea you will find in the world, the store stands out as one of the few stores that focuses on a single idea of aiming only for the purity on the material source of their teas. Working directly with local farmers has given the store a huge advantage in enabling them to push farmers to always aims for the best quality rather than quantity, produced with ancient techniques that are scarcely known by other stores across the globe.

Offering one-of-a-kind teas that are extremely rare, the store only produces less than 100 kg of teas every year, which makes them producers of some of the most premium grades. The grade of loose green tea offered by the store is very rare. And with a product range that contains 24 varieties, the store will meet all your needs as far as tea is concerned whether you are a beginner or an expert tea consumer. Purchasing from the store also grants you access to their matcha starter kits, matcha packs, and accessories.


Song Tea & CeramicsSong Tea & Ceramics

You must visit Song Tea & Ceramics if you ever get a chance to be in San Francisco. Wit gorgeous tranquil spaces in which you can have some of the best tea tasting experiences, the store will compel you to make big purchases after the treat you will get from their top-quality products. You will surely be happy with what you purchase considering the range of top quality and best flavors offered by this store. But thankfully, you don’t need to shop in person. You can also purchase these great-tasting teas online, then make it at home.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can start with the Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout, which genuinely tastes like cotton candy. And with gorgeous teaware to accompany the gorgeous tea, you get the best of both worlds by purchasing tea from this store. Despite the price for the teaware and tea being on the higher side, you will be sure to attest to the quality you receive from Song Tea & Ceramics online tea store.