Beginners: 5 Best Microphones for Streaming and Gaming

Even since the arcade days we knew how much fun it was playing games with friends by our side. Flash forward a few decades later and people are having a blast watching complete strangers play the latest virtual adventures. Many streamers even have their own dedicated community looking forward to their next streaming session.

If you’re looking to start your own stream but need a solid microphone, look no further. The following choices are some of the best microphones for streaming and gaming you can find today.

Yeti USB MicrophoneYeti USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti Microphone has been the top go-to option for streamers for years now. They’re considered one of the best streaming microphones thanks to their good price and excellent build quality. Using proprietary tri-capsule technology, Blue Yeti Microphones deliver crystal-clear, studio-quality sound.

These great mics are also known for their various modes— Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Bidirectional. Cardioid mode is the one that provides rich sound for vocals, which makes it the best choice for game streaming. Other features include a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a stylish look, and a hinge design that lets you adjust and pivot the mic to your liking.

Last but not least, the Blue Yeti Microphone also gives you full control via easy-access buttons. They include mute, gain, and zero-latency output buttons so you can immediately make adjustments while in the middle of a stream. Blue Microphones sweetens the deal with a 2 year limited warranty and come in nine colors.


Razer Seiren Pro Elite XLR and USB Digital MicrophoneRazer Seiren Pro Elite XLR and USB Digital Microphone

If you don’t mind spending extra for arguably the best microphone for streaming and gaming out there, Razer has you covered. The Seiren Pro is very versatile in its modes and capabilities, which is why we recommend it if you want a mic that will serve you outside of streaming. Made specifically for streamers, this incredible mic is hard to beat in just about every department.

The Razer Seiren Pro comes with for recording patterns (stero, cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional) that each give you studio-quality sound. An advanced high-pass filter function eliminated unwanted background noises such as your computer fan, air conditioner, outside sounds, etc. This filter will definitely come in handy if you live in a noisy environment and want your voice to remain clear.

Other great features include an XLR output that lets you plub the mic into mixing boards. As for specs, the Razer Seiren Pro boasts sample and bit rates of 192 kHz and 24 bit, which few other gaming microphones out there can rival. You’d also be hard-pressed to find other mics that support both USB and XLR. It’s a pricey option compared to the other mics on this list but worth it if you’ve got the cash.


Audio-Technica AT2020Audio-Technica AT2020

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is another top microphone for streaming and gaming based on sound quality and price. It’s one of the most affordable studio standard microphones that uses studio condenser technology along with high SPL handling and wide dynamic range for superb sound. Cardioid polar pattern means you’ll pick up less sounds from the sides and rear, making it perfect for streamers.

The AT2020 also comes with a pivoting threaded stand mount that attaches security and can be moved around for precise placement. A custom low-mass diaphragm delivers better transient response along with improved frequency response. An advanced pop filter also means your voice will never sound bad even when using consonants like P and B.

Although it’s missing the various pattern modes and on-mic buttons that the Blue Yeti has, this is a fantastic option if all you want from your mic is good sound quality while streaming. It’s also less expensive, which is great if your game streaming career is just getting started.


Samson MeteorSamson Meteor

Our budget choice on our list is the Samson Meteor, a desktop microphone that offers great sound and portability. Weighing 10 ounces and standing only at 6 inches tall, it’s an awesome mic if you plan on moving it around a lot or need to take it with you on the go. A large 25mm condenser diaphragm means you’ll experience one of the richest audio quality of any USB mic under $100.

Features like a 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz resolution, smooth frequency response, and cardioid pickup pattern all work together to deliver professional audio when recording voice. The Meteor Mic is also easy to position thanks to its fold-back leg design. You’re also getting a stereo 1/8″ headphone jack for no latency monitoring along with a headphone volume knob directly on the mic.

Another big bonus is that it requires no drivers, which means you can take it out of the box and start using it almost right away. While you won’t be getting studio quality sound with this budget mic, it’s still a fantastic choice and worth considering if you’re just getting started. We’d also like to point out the near-perfect Amazon review rating based on more than 800 satisfied customers as of this writing.


Blue Microphones Yeti ProBlue Microphones Yeti Pro

The original Yeti is already one of the best microphones for gaming and streaming. That being said, the Blue Yeti Pro is for the streamers who want even more out of their USB condenser microphone. Despite being on the market since 2011, it continues giving newer mics a run for their money with its versatility and sound quality.

The Yeti Pro is known for being the first USB mic that combined 24-bit/192 kHz digital recording resolution with analog XLR output. This is even more impressive when you consider that the max recording solution for the original Yeti is only 16-bit/48 kHz. The Yeti Pro also boasts four pattern settings along with three custom condenser capsules. A separate analog circuit path and advanced A-D converter chip means it can be used with the top studio mixers and preamps out there.

Other notable features include 15 HZ to 22 kHz frequency response, a threaded mic stand mount with cable management, the inclusion of both a USB and stereo XLR breakout cables, and more. If money is no option or you want to up your stream sound quality, the Blue Yeti Pro is highly recommended.