The 6 Best Electric Precision Screwdrivers

Not all electric precision screwdrivers are made equal. Some are reliable but expensive, some have the right balance in performance and price, and some are just complete flops. Whether you are a professional technician or a weekend warrior, we got you covered.

We spent time to compare the consistency, versatility, voltage, amp per hour rating, rotation per minute, and everything that you want to know about these screwdrivers. This list of the six best electric precision screwdrivers is the most comprehensive review available to help you get the performance you need and the features you want.

The Best Electric Precision Screwdriver

Jakemy Adjustable 8-Speed Torque Electric ScrewdriverJakemy Adjustable 8-Speed Torque Electric Screwdriver

The Jakemy Electric Precision Screwdriver is the future of electronics repair. It is the best out of all the screwdrivers that we have tested. Its sleek design, unmatched performance, versatility, and usability set the benchmark for what an electric precision screwdriver should be.

The Jakemy Electric Precision Screwdriver is almost the same size as a permanent marker. It has a bit of heft, but we prefer its grip because it is easy to hold while in use. The aluminum alloy build and the anodized surface gives a nice texture to it and makes this screwdriver feel handy, lightweight, and comfortable to use.

What separates this screwdriver is the adjustable torque and mode options. You can use the Jakemy Electric Precision Screwdriver on manual or electric mode, then set the torque tightening force from eight different settings with a max RPM of 395. This unique feature makes it possible to apply the right amount of power, depending on what your task requires.

This screwdriver packs an 800 mAh lithium-ion battery with a voltage output of 3.7 volts. It has a continuous no-load run of up to three hours, and it is rechargeable via micro USB cord. It’s not the lightest electric screwdriver, weighing 272 grams, but it’s still impressive if you consider the battery size and powerful motor that it has.

Once you get a hold of this screwdriver, you’ll know that this is the future of electronics repair. The power that it delivers is beyond what any screwdriver can do, and the futuristic design feels very nice. It’s not cheap, but the Jakemy Electric Precision Screwdriver is one of those tools that lets you work more for less.

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ScopeAround Electric Precision ScrewdriverScopeAround Electric Precision Screwdriver

The ScopeAround Electric Precision Screwdriver is the lightest electric precision screwdriver with a built-in battery that we have on this list. Weighing only 60 grams, it made the other screwdrivers we tested feel too heavy. It is lightweight and portable, plus gives the best grip, making it a close call between the ScopeAround and the Jakemy.

We love the stainless steel build of this screwdriver. It has a ridged area just below the control buttons exactly where our index finger rests while using it. The ScopeAround Electric Precision Screwdriver has three built-in LED lights that create a shadowless working experience. It’s a nice feature to have when you are working in areas with low visibility.

This tool does not have as much torque as other precision screwdrivers, but it can still get the job done when repairing phones, tablets, and other small electronics. The ScopeAround Portable Electric Screwdriver has a no-load output of 150 RPM and a stall torque of two You can easily switch from automatic to manual mode when you need higher torque, and you will hear the gears lock when in manual mode. This locking mechanism enhances the precision and reduces the deterioration rate of the motor.

This product packs a 350 mAh lithium battery with a voltage output of 3.7 volts. It may not sound much when compared with other electric screwdrivers with built-in batteries, but it has a continuous no-load run of two hours. This long battery life is partly because of the weaker motor that it uses, which also reduces its weight. The ScopeAround Portable Electric Screwdriver can be fully charged via micro USB within 40 minutes, even on a desktop computer or a power bank.

The ScopeAround Portable Electric Screwdriver has a smaller battery and weaker motor but is more than enough to work on small electronics. The weight and design are the strong points that make this screwdriver an excellent tool for weekend warriors who need to perform occasional quick fixes.


General Tools 502 Electric Precision ScrewdriverGeneral Tools 502 Electric Precision Screwdriver

Do you need a reliable electric precision screwdriver, but you’re on a shoestring budget? Then the General Tools 502 Precision Screwdriver is the best choice for you. It does not have a lot of fancy features and runs on two AAA batteries, but it gets the job done for a price of less than $15. There is no other screwdriver that can match its value, making it an excellent choice for residential use.

This model delivers a max RPM of 100, making it a bit limited on the screws that it can work on, but it is enough to repair watches, cellphones, and other small electronics. When we opened it to see what makes this screwdriver tick, we were surprised to see that it uses all-metal gear. It is not something that you would expect from an electric screwdriver of this price.

The General Tools 502 Electric Precision Screwdriver has a slide button for tightening and loosening screws, and it is powered by two AAA Alkaline batteries. We tested the batteries included in our purchase, and it did a continuous no-load run of more than nine hours. Tools powered by AAA batteries tend to be more expensive in the long run, but for weekend warriors and residential use, nine hours for a pair of batteries is more than enough to last for months.

This tool is not the best that you can buy, but at sub $15, the General Tools 502 Electric Precision Screwdriver blew everything away. It doesn’t have as much power, but a lot of repairs that require a precision screwdriver won’t be needing a torque higher than 100 RPM. This screwdriver made our list for saving your wrist and pocket at the same time.

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Bressanon Electric Precision ScrewdriverBressanon Electric Precision Screwdriver

If you need more power than the General Tools 502 without veering into the premium side of precision screwdrivers, then Bressanon Electric Precision Screwdriver is the best option for you. It delivers excellent performance, and it is the best in its price range when it comes to versatility and reliability. There are some compromises to keep the cost down, but it still made our list by having an excellent combination of battery life, decent torque power, and usability.

This tool delivers a max RPM of 180 with a stall torque of two This feature makes it capable of working on electronics like laptops, game consoles, tablets, and digital cameras. It is the perfect precision screwdriver for household use because it includes 11 of the most common precision bits, and the magnetic chuck is compatible with all four-millimeter bits in the market. It also has a built-in Magnetic Assistant that keeps the screw in place while removing it.

The body is made with ABS plastic, to keep it lightweight. This material selection also made it possible for the Bressanon Electric Precision Screwdriver to weigh only 200 grams while housing a 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery. To put that into perspective, the Jakemy has an 800 mAh battery and weighs 72 grams more than this screwdriver. Our tests gave us a no-load run that lasted for 296 minutes, which is the longest for all lithium-ion battery-powered screwdrivers on this list.

Some features are missing in this screwdriver, such as the adjustable torque and LED lights, but someone who occasionally repairs electronics doesn’t need these features. We think that these add-ons don’t make or break precision screwdrivers, making the Bressanon Electric Precision Screwdriver a must-have in every weekend warrior’s small toolbox.


Ruputas Wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision ScrewdriverRuputas Wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision Screwdriver

Let’s make some clarifications about the Wowstick before anything else. There are different brands of Wowstick in the market, and they all look the same. The various brands are Ruputas, Autolover, Elecguru, Xiaomi, and GuDoQi. We tested each of these brands, and although the difference in the performance was not much, Ruputas’ Wowstick 1F+ was the one that performed consistently well in our tests.

The Ruputas Wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision Screwdriver is an all-in-one screwdriver kit that includes 56 precision bits and a magnetic mat. So, even though it is the one that cost us the most, it still gave us great value for having the most number of precision bits. The sleek design gave it a premium look, but it doesn’t have the contours, ridges, or trenches that improves the grip.

With all of its inclusions, we assumed that it is for professional use, so we treated it as such. The Ruputas Wowstick 1F+ delivers 200 RPM, and it has up to 0.15/3 Nm of torque tightening force. It is not the most powerful screwdriver on this list, but it is strong enough to handle most electronics. It is very straightforward to use, and there are no configurations needed to make it work.

As for the battery life, Ruputas kept the battery capacity of the Wowstick 1F+ secret, but it didn’t stop us from testing it. We gave it a no-load run, and it lasted for two hours before running out of juice. We assume that it carries around a 600 mAh battery, and it takes at least 40 minutes to fully-charge. Of course, the battery life is affected by the torque applied and the use of its features, like the LED Shadowless Light that lets you work on areas with low visibility.

If you need a reliable performance with a decent battery life, together with all the precision bits that you will ever need, then the Ruputas Wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision Screwdriver is an excellent choice for you.

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IFU Electric Precision ScrewdriverIFU Electric Precision Screwdriver

It may have a peculiar name, but the IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver stacked well with other “serious” competitors. We even think that it deserves a higher spot because of the inclusions in its kit. The power and versatility are comparable with the Wowstick 1F+, but IFU takes it a step further by including precision tools along with it.

This product features a dual-mode that allows you to switch from electric to manual when you need higher torque power. The gears shutdown as soon as you switch to manual mode, which reduces the motor’s deterioration rate. The IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver has a no-load output of 200 RPM, an electric torque of 0.2N.m, and a manual torque of three N.m.

The magnetic chuck is compatible with every four-millimeter precision bit, just in case the 23 bits included in the toolkit are not enough. The IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver includes 11 precision tools: a suction cup, crowbars, a magnetic positioning plate, a flat-tip, curved and straight tweezers, and an extension bar, all of which are essentials for electronics repair.

This tool features 360-degree shadowless LED technology that lets you work more efficiently, even in environments with low visibility. The battery life is the same as the Wowstick 1F+, delivering a continuous no-load run of two hours. You can also charge it via micro USB, but the battery of the IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver can last for six months when on full-standby.

The eerie similarities between this screwdriver and Wowstick 1F+ made it impossible not to compare the two. Both have a toolkit and a full set of precision bits that you can use. The IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver, however, offers more precision tools that you need for electronics repair, and it is a bit less expensive compared to the Wowstick. It is a very consistent and reliable screwdriver that offers excellent versatility, making it a great addition to your tool backpack.


Electric Precision Screwdriver Buying Guide

The Basics of Choosing an Electric Precision Screwdriver

When choosing an electric precision screwdriver, the most expensive or most powerful don’t necessarily carry the better value. If you only do occasional repairs, then something like the General Tools 502 is an excellent option for you. Sure, fancy features are nice-to-haves, but do you need them?

Choosing the right electric precision screwdriver is simple. You only need to consider the torque power, RPM, battery, and how you are planning to use it.

Torque – Torque refers to the tightening force of the screwdriver. As such, the higher the torque, the easier it will be to tighten or loosen a screw. Most electric precision screwdrivers have an electric torque of 0.1 to 0.2 N.m. If you are repairing electronics, such as tablets and laptops, you will need a screwdriver with a manual switch to give you higher torque power.

Rotation per Minute (RPM) – The posted RPM is the no-load output of an electric precision screwdriver. It refers to how long it takes to tighten or loosen a screw. A no-load output of 100 RPM is similar to the speed of a manual screwdriver when used on electronics repair. Most screwdrivers have an RPM of 100 to 300, and the RPM often determines the price.

Batteries – Most electric precision screwdrivers are powered by lithium-ion batteries, while budget screwdrivers often use AAA Alkaline batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are the ones that you can recharge via micro USB, and they give better long-term value.

In the case of electric precision screwdrivers, however, you also need to consider how often you will be using it. Lithium-ion batteries last longer, but if you are only going to use the screwdriver occasionally, Alkaline batteries can still give you excellent value.

Usage – How you are planning to use the screwdriver will play a vital role in choosing the best screwdriver for you. Professional electricians work on different types of screws every time, so they need more power and better compatibility with other precision bits.

Weekend warriors don’t require as much power, and precision bits are more common. A screwdriver with 52 precision bits, a torque 0.2N.m, or 300 RPM will be very expensive, and it is an overkill if you only do occasional repairs on small electronics.