Licensed to Carry… Your Purse – Best Concealed Carry Purses

Owning a firearm is a serious matter, and carrying a firearm is another beast entirely. There are fewer places to conceal a handgun for women as our clothing tends to be more form-fitting than men’s clothing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t carry your firearm or shouldn’t. We’ve found some of the best concealed carry purses for you to peruse.

With features like holsters and lockable zippers, a concealed carry purse is the logical answer to concealed carry vests or similarly bulky attire. Along with holsters and lock and key zippers, the handbags have velcro attachment features and pockets, strictly for your handgun. And we would never forget about pockets. Even though your purse is carrying your gun, it should still hold everything else.

Stylish, durable, well-rounded, we are sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in our list of the best concealed carry purses.

The Best Concealed Carry Purse

browning catrina concealed carry purse

Browning Catrina Concealed Carry Purse (BEST CHOICE)

Most of the time, when you’re carrying a weapon, you don’t want it to look like it. The Browning Catrina Concealed Carry Purse blends into a crowd of purses. Normal purse features include an interior pocket with a small accessory pocket and wallet slide. On one exterior side, another zippered pocket. The purse strap has an adjustable length ranging from 30″ to 54″. Made of soft PU leather with a polyester lining, the Browning Catrina is a durable purse available in multiple soft colors.

The concealed carry pocket measures 7×8 inches and is located on the purse on the opposing side to the exterior accessory pocket. Inside the concealed carry pocket is a removable holster, accessed from either the right or left access zipper. Each zipper has a lock and key for security, and there’s a hidden key ring attached to the strap.

Key Features:

  • 7×8-inch concealed pocket
  • Adjustable crossbody strap
  • Lock and key zippers
  • Hidden key ring attachment
  • PU leather and polyester
  • Interior organization pockets
  • Left or right concealed pocket access


 montana west large concealed carry purse

Montana West Large Concealed Carry Purse

Concealed carry purses shouldn’t hinder your style. This Montana West Large Concealed Carry Purse doesn’t sacrifice style and features for function. The faux leather bag is available in copious color options with a shoulder strap option as well. Inside the bag are multiple interior organizational pockets and a backside zipper pocket. It’s large enough to fit a larger iPad, cosmetics, and all your necessities.

The concealed carry pocket is accessible from either the left or right sides, comfortable for both lefties and righties. The pocket of this small concealed carry purse is 9×5 inches and includes a detachable holster.

Key Features:

  • 9×5-inch concealed carry pocket
  • Interior and exterior organization pockets
  • Shoulder or crossbody strap
  • Faux, anti-scratch leather
  • Included holster with velcro


montana west genuine leather concealed carry purse

Montana West Genuine Leather Concealed Carry Purse

For a smaller purse, you’ll like the Montana West Genuine Leather Concealed Carry Purse. It’s small but will still fit a small tablet, wallet, keys, and a handgun with a max size of 6×4-inches. The over-the-shoulder strap keeps it secure under your arm.

It is real leather with cross-stitching and stud embellishments. Interior pockets keep your belongings organized. The concealed carry pocket has double zippers for either left or right-handed people and a velcro patch to secure the included holster.

Key Features:

  • Included holster
  • Velcro attachments
  • Double-sided access zipper
  • 6×4″ maximum firearm size
  • Genuine leather


montana west large leather tote concealed carry purse

Montana West Large Leather Tote Concealed Carry Purse

If you haul around a purse that seems like Hermione’s purse that was enchanted with an extension charm, or if your concealed carry bag will double as a professional bag, grab this Montana West Large Leather Tote Concealed Carry Purse. It’s large enough to fit a small laptop and files. It comes in rich, colorful soft leather with easy to carry straps and four rivets to protect the tote’s bottom. The interior compartment has three organization pockets and a zippered closure. An exterior wall pocket holds frequently used items.

Two opposing zippers access the concealed carry pocket for both left and right-handed people, and inside is a velcro patch to secure your handgun inside the bag. This Montana West tote fits all subcompact to extra large handguns.

Key Features:

  • Left- and right-hand friendly
  • Included holster
  • Velcro secure attachment
  • Interior and exterior organizational pockets
  • Soft, genuine leather


jessie & james two-toned concealed carry purse

Jessie & James Two-Toned Concealed Carry Purse

Right-handed ladies, this Jessie and James Two-Tonec Concealed Carry Crossbody Bag is compact, chic, and has a lock and key concealed carry compartment. This bag has two main interior sections for necessities, a front pocket and a back 7″ hidden carry pocket accessed from the right side. The pouch has a lockable zipper and a matching holster.

With the small size, for better concealment, don’t try to pack this bag full. This bag is PU leather, with cute interior fabric, and is easy to clean. Keep this concealed carry crossbody bag for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Lockable concealed carry pocket
  • 7″ hidden pouch
  • Interior organizational compartments
  • Two-toned PU leather


roma leathers locking concealed carry purse

Roma Leathers Locking Concealed Carry Purse

Roma Leathers Locking Concealed Carry Purse offers functional access to your firearm and a roomy shoulder bag. The bag is leather with patented YKK zippers. Two zippers to access the concealed compartment are lockable and included four keys. Ideal for either left or right-handed shooters. Inside the compartment is an included velcro holster.

Pockets!! That’s what Roma Leathers gives us in their concealed carry gun purse. Other than the handgun pocket, the bag has three alternative exterior zipper pockets, two side pockets for water bottles, and one interior organizational pocket.

Key Features:

  • Two access zippers
  • Lockable
  • Included velcro holster
  • Various organizational pockets


roma leathers crossbody concealed carry purse

Roma Leathers Crossbody Concealed Carry Purse

Roma Leathers offers another concealed carry purses and handbags. Their Crossbody Concealed Carry Purse is another of their superior offerings. It is 100% leather, available in three colors. Organizational pockets on the front create a cute pattern for a pleasing aesthetic. The main zippered compartments keep your belongings organized, and the front pockets keep frequently used items handy. The concealed and carry purse has a hidden back pocket, accessible by one lockable YKK zipper.

Key Features:

  • Lockable YKK zippers
  • 12″ x 11″
  • Cowhide genuine leather
  • Ambidextrous access
  • Crossbody bag


emperiaoutfitters dina lock concealed carry purse

Emperiaoutfitters Dina Lock Concealed Carry Purse

If you’re in real estate or frequently meet clients, a professional concealed carry bag is necessary. The style of the Emperiaoutfitters Dina Lock Concealed Carry Purse keeps your look professional. It is synthetic leather with a shoulder strap, or carry your bag in the nook of your elbow. It comes with a wallet and two dual interior pockets.

Sitting next to your body is the concealed compartment. It is accessible for either right- or left-hand shooters with two lockable zippers. Secure in the included holster; your handgun sits close and accessible to you.

Key Features:

  • Large center compartment
  • Interior dual-slip pockets
  • Lockable zippers
  • Ambidextrous access
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Faux leather


lady conceal weapon tote concealed carry purse

Lady Conceal Weapon Tote Concealed Carry Purse

For a great overnight bag with a concealed carry compartment, gander at the Lady Conceal Weapon Tote Concealed Carry Purse. The large bag measures 12″W x 9.5″H x 5″D. It is large enough to fit a planner and laptop, a small cosmetics bag, and a change of delicates for an overnight business trip. It is a soft faux-leather complimented with silver accents.

The interior is littered with organization pockets, and it includes a beautiful braided adjustable shoulder strap. Conceal your handgun in the included elastic holster inside the 9″ x 6.25″ concealed carry pocket. Quickly access your firearm from dual-sided zippers that lock with YKK key zippers.

Key Features:

  • YKK lock and key zipper pockets
  • Spacious interior compartment
  • Organizational pockets
  • Included elastic holster
  • Detachable braided shoulder strap


jessie & james faux leather locking concealed carry purse

Jessie & James Faux Leather Locking Concealed Carry Purse

Finish your outfit with the Jessie & James Faux Leather Locking Concealed Carry Purse. The soft PU leather studded with metal accents will light up any outfit and keep you safe and secure while going so. With an easy-to-clean material and rivets on the bottom, your bag will stay in excellent condition year after year. With a detachable adjustable strap, the bag is versatile in various environments.

The bag has a spacious interior compartment with three accessory pockets to quickly grab chapstick or your phone. With a roomy concealed carry pocket, measuring 7″ x 10″, you’ll be able to fit your firearm securely. This Jessie and James bag is for right-handed shooters with the lockable YKK access zip on the right side and an included matching holster.

Key Features:

  • 7″ x 10″ firearm concealed pocket
  • YKK lockable zippers
  • Large interior compartment
  • Interior accessory pockets
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Included holster


Concealed Carry Purse Buying Guide & FAQ

Features to Look for in Concealed Carry Purses

Concealed carry purses are not all the same, and for a good reason—everyone is different—in shooting style and fashionable style. Before buying a concealed carry purse that is too small for your firearm or not going to use because it’s not quite your style, consider important features before committing to a handbag.

Size – The size of your concealed gun purse should match what you’re carrying, your style, and the occasion. You can’t take your tote to a formal black-tie event. And you can’t carry your firearm if it doesn’t fit in the concealed carry pocket of your new purse. If you consistently carry your handgun with a laptop and paperwork, a larger hobo bag or tote with a concealed carry purse.

Safety – If you have nosey, small children in your household, consider a concealed carry purse with lockable zippers to avoid accidents. It’ll keep any unwanted hands out of your purse. Most of the best handbags come with concealed carry purse inserts like a matching holster that connects via velcro to the interior concealed pocket for safety.

woman using concealed carry purse

Style – The style of your chosen concealed carry purse should reflect your own style. There’s plenty to choose from in various colors, shapes, and with different straps and features. As long as you can easily access your firearm and the bag is comfortable, the style is all up to you!

Styles range from totes and large slouchy bags to small handbags or over the shoulder bags. There are great options in various colors to choose from, so you’re not sacrificing your style to secure your firearm.

Accessibility and Zipper Position – Depending on your dexterity, left- or right-handed, you’ll want access to your handgun with your shooting hand. Some half of concealed carry purses offer accessibility from both sides. But if you are a left-handed shooter, be sure the access zipper is on the left side as there are more right-handed access zippers.

Gun Compartment Size – The point of a concealed carry purse is to hide your firearm. If your gun is too big for the pocket, it won’t hide it too well and will make the zipper challenging to open. Look for a dimension or recommended gun size for the compartment of the purse you’re looking at purchasing. Most concealed carry purses will specify the largest handgun or dimensions that will fit inside the compartment inside a holster.

gun in concealed carry purse

Concealed Carry Purse FAQ

Is a purse considered concealed carry?

It depends on where you live, but typically, yes. If your handgun is in its own pocket with nothing else, it is considered concealed carry. Firearms carried in the main compartment of purses are not considered concealed.

But with that information, it’s essential to know the local and state CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) laws, freedom’s businesses have to restrict concealed carry on their property, and transportation rules.

It’s your responsibility to know the law regarding the weapon you carry, wherever you are.

Is a gun in a holster considered concealed?

A holstered gun is concealed if a passerby can walk past you without detecting you’re wearing a weapon.

Can I carry an unloaded gun in my backpack?

Yes, you can carry an unloaded gun in your backpack. But that is not considered ‘concealed carry.’ Having an unloaded gun in your bag is called transport.