Projector Screens: The 6 Best Huge Home Theatre Movie Screens

A lot of today’s large screen TVs are still too small for some people. The solution? Convert your home into a bonafide home theater with one of these video projection screens. These screens are perfect for any purpose – whether having a movie marathon or watching your favorite Netflix series, playing video games or your favorite sports games such as football, soccer or even baseball – making it perfect for home theater fanatics. And most of these projector screens offer even up to a whopping 150-inch size screen and offer unique multimedia viewing experience. They also come in wide array of models both for indoor and outdoor use. Projecter screens can also be permanently installed – such as the ones in movie theaters. So take your home theatre projector and one of these large screens and elevate your home viewing potential.

foldable screen projector by flovea150 Inch Portable Projector Screen, FLOVEA 16:9 Foldable Screen

Recreate the large screen projection experience that you love through this durable portable screen. It is made out of a PVC composite resin for capturing only the light shining from the projector. This material is ideal for capturing enhanced colors and high-resolution images too. Its black and white screen materials eliminate the penetration of any light.

Position yourself, your family and your friends in any arrangement around the screen and enjoy the 160-degree viewing angle. Doing this will not distort the colors or the images on the screen from whichever angle you view it at. This screen measures about 150 inches and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It can be cleaned with mild soap and water. This portable screen is ideal for use in your home theater or media room. It is also suited for a school, wedding, office or outdoor setting.


HD ultra wide screen for projectors QualGear 120-Inch Fixed Frame Projector Screen, 16:9 4K HD Ultra White at 1.2 Gain

Sleek and suave, this is the ultimate projection screen to watch your favorite movies, television shows, sports and video games. This screen is large enough to work with most projectors with its 120 inch size. Likewise, it can be compatible with almost any size of video since it offers 4K Ultra HD compatibility.

Some of its features include its matte white body, an aluminum frame covered from top to bottom with a sleek and a soft black velvet for a luxurious look and feel. The frame itself measures six centimeters in width to provide a perfectly sized border. It is ideal for any living room, media room, theater room or other living space to create a cinematic feel. The 4k compatible projector screen is both mildew- and fire-resistant. It has hardware that has been presorted and is ready to go. Its fabric is washable and stains or dirt can be removed with a dampened cloth. the movie screen has a color installation manual to help you make the most out it and turn any room into a theater.


pull down projector screen for movies and gamingVIVO 100″ Projector Screen, 100 inch Diagonal 16:9 Projection HD Manual Pull Down

This projector screen is ready to be hung on any wall large enough to accommodate its size. A resilient metal makes up the casing for durability. The projector screen can be raised to the ceiling as well through its built-in mounting design. Ideal for both home and business, it offers viewing angles ideal for any seat up to 120 degrees.

In addition to these features, it ensures that no color or image distortion takes place. Because the screen has a matte white with a black back, no light or color distortion gets through. There is a four-sided, black border that enhances the contrast of the picture.  Also, the borders absorb any light that passes the screen. Due to its compatibility with different projectors such as LCD, LED or DLP, it is likely to to be perfect for the the projector you have too.


indoor and outdoor portable projector screenExcelvan Indoor/Outdoor Portable Fabric Cinema Screen 120 Inch 16:9

This matte white projector screen is ideal with virtually any projector. It is able to diffuse light in a uniform manner. Also, it offers a brilliant color and an easy-to-see picture that is crisp and beautiful. Through its 20 different sets of Velcro, fastening it onto any surface is possible. This makes it ideal for turning any living room, theater room, media room or other space into a cinematic experience. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio screen format as well as a diagonal measurement of 120 inches.

A matte white PVC material makes up the screen that ensures a pure white movie background. It also captures all of the light from the projector as it boasts a 1.1 gain. Simple to assemble, it rolls up when not in use and unrolls just as easily for simple transportation and application to almost any surface.


Velcro cinema home projector screen120-Inch Projector Screen (Suitable for HDTV/Sports/Presentations)

Turn your birthday party, pool party, barbecue or other outdoor get together into something truly cinematic and memorable with this projector screen. This is a 120-inch diagonal platform that is easy to fold and unfold when needed. It offers a 103.54″ by 58.27″ viewing area.  Also, the screen offers an ultra wide viewing angle of 160 degrees. With this, seating arrangement is not a problem at all.

The projector screen is lightweight and compact. Synthetic fibers make this screen and that is why it is very durable. Its crisp, matte white screen ensures that it captures the light of the projector and none of the extra light in the room. Setting it up is very simple due to its hooks, nails and ropes. It can be used at home, in business meetings, at a convention, presentation or in an outdoor environment all the same.


yard master 2 home theatre projector screenElite Screens Yard Master 2, 120-inch 16:9, 4K Ultra HD Ready Portable Foldaway Movie Screen

The silver aluminum frame makes it look great in any setting. Made with Cine-White 1.1 gain matte white material, it captures only the light from the projected image and no other external lights.

Any media works well with this projector screen due to its Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD, making it a great choice for avid gamers and tv watchers alike. It is totally weather resistant and can be used outdoors. With its 180-degree viewing angle it promises comfortable viewing with family and friends.