Bernard 4130 Core-Line by State Bicycle Co.

For biking enthusiasts, there is no doubt that the ultimate bicycle  is the Bernard 4130 Core Line by State Bicycle Co.

The frame is coated with a classic high gloss black, with additional new chrome polished parts. Its tires consist of reliable gum-walls. On the other hand, as classic and ordinary as it may seem, you’re able to completely customise your bike to make it your own; representing your personality and taste to the fullest.

There are three different sizes you can choose from, so the bike is adjusted precisely to your build and comfort. Recently, it has just been made possible for customers to choose from two different types of tires: “Lo-Pro” wheels, or 40mm deep V style wheels.

For the handlebars, you’re able to pick from four different styles bullhorn, drop, or raiser bars; whichever you are most confident to ride with. The saddle and pedal can also be personalised and picked from many options to fit your needs and wants.

As for additional accessories, State Bike Co offers you the opportunity to add lights, a lock, hold fast straps (in a wide variety of colors available) a water bottle cage, a flat tire bundle and a helmet.

In the end, you can be sure to have purchased a top quality bicycle build and designed by you that will take you from A to B without a single problem. In fact, you’re able to enjoy this bike from day 1, as it can be delivered to your home within one business day. If anything shouls happen with your purchase,  State Bike includes a 5 year warranty on all bicycle frames.


Bernard 4130 Core-LineBernard 4130 Core-Line