Andy Suh PSR – The Conceptual but Revolutionary Gaming Console

Virtual reality headsets and gaming are all the rage now. This new level of gaming requires a headset or machine to transport you into a whole new virtual world. What if we could ditch the headset and cords? The conceptual PSR from Andy Suh does just that. Virtual reality gaming without clunky headsets, cables, or motion sickness? Sign us up.

If you want to take your gaming to immersive levels, if you’re a pro-gamer or just need a way to wind down at the end of a long day, boy oh boy, did Andy Suh imagine the console for you.

andy suh psr

Project Your Reality

The PlayStation PSR utilizes a triple projection system with three 4K HDR projectors rather than a gaming headset, which allows you to become a part of the game truly. How does it accomplish this? The PSR projects your virtual world onto the walls and space around you. This feature allows you to interact in your games like never before. The projectors are adjustable via an axis, so you can move the device to work for your space. Without a headset on, you’re also more likely to avoid motion sickness and other concerns present with regular virtual reality.

It’s not just for virtual reality, though. You can switch to a single projector mode to play this PlayStation like other gaming consoles on your home projector screen. The console also provides TV connectivity if you don’t have a projector screen.

andy suh psr

New but Nostalgic

The console does an excellent job of capturing the feel of the other PlayStation consoles. It uses geometric shapes throughout the design, which arc back to prior PlayStation models. However, the controllers come complete with a brand-new design. They are magnetic, which allows them to connect to play like a standard controller while they share a battery charge. When separated, these ergonomic controllers nestle into your palms with ease. When it’s time for them to charge, snap them together and attach them to the ChargeStation Pro for wireless, lightning-fast charging.

Look but don’t Touch

While this console is strictly conceptual at this point, if it ever were put into production, it could be a revelation for the gaming industry and change how we play games and interact with our spaces. Will PlayStation ever bring it to life? Only time will tell.

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andy suh psr