Amazon Echo Look Camera

Taking shopping to a completely new level, the Amazon Echo Look allows you to control your own personal sense of style in a brand new way. This Amazon Echo is a device that uses voice control to direct its commands, allowing you to take full-length photos of yourself in different outfits every day. It gives you the opportunity to take short videos as well so that you are able to twirl and get a good look at yourself from every angle. With these two capabilities, the Amazon Echo Look allows you to build your very own look book and find the best styles that work for you. You can look at photos and videos that your Look has taken of you using the Amazon Echo app that comes included with your purchase. You can look at the photos and videos on your phone, pick out your favorites and share them with your friends to get their opinion on your outfit, or just show it off as you go.

You will get a second opinion on which outfit is the most flattering on you as well with Style Check. Style Check comes included with the Echo Look, and it will keep track of what looks best using its unique learning algorithms. You can discover new styles and brands as well to find the best look for you. It connects to Alexa which will allow you to ask questions, check your calendar, set timers and alarms, play music and so much more.