2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition

When you think of a race car you think of two things; the infamous rosso from the Italian giant Ferrari and the livery of the 1968 Le Mans winning Ford GT40. The Zenith blue and Tangerine makes a return with the 2019 Ford GT Heritage edition. The equiluminant colors (when two side by side colors have equal luminance) give the car an aura that makes it seem to vibrate with tension, further heightening the excitement before you even step inside the vehicle.

Aesthetically, customers will be able to choose a package that adds more exposed carbon fiber accents all over the car, giving an aggressive race feel. As well as this, there are further Le Mans inspired additions including a “No. 9” or “No. 6” graphics on the hood and doors. Since the new Heritage Edition will be available for two years, those who order a 2019 GT HE will receive the No. 9 graphics, and those who order a 2020 GT HE will get the No. 6 decals.

Continuing the theme are orange brake calipers which are affixed to the huge brake discs and a serialized number plate which give this unique car a very special feel on top of all the livery and performance aspects.

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