1976 International Scout II Traveler

We all remember the holidays and camping trips that we’d be taken on in traveller cars back in the 1970s; bags, suitcases, camping tents and boxes of food would all fit perfectly in the boot of this car. Even if we weren’t around during that time, we know exactly what kind of car this is.

The 1976 International Scout II Traveler is an exceptional restoration of this classical car. The new long-wheelbase base allows the car to drive through any surface. It may be of special interest that this refurbished vehicle is especially good at going off-road to reach more unique and adventurous destinations for ambitious travellers.

The new version of this classic car has maintained the rally side stripes, keeping the vintage look alive. The exterior is coated in a black and white matte paint, giving it a overall an antique, yet incredibly modern appearance.

The traditional 304 V8 has been intensely restored to reach maximum functionality, and has also ben mated to a four speed manual mechanism. The interior of the Traveler has been redone to sturdy and comfortable spray lined all front and rear seats.

If you’re looking to drive a nostalgic memory with the most reliable and efficient technology and restoration, the 1976 International Scout II Traveler is the perfect purchase to make.


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