1952 Ferrari 342 America

One of the first “ultra Ferraris” to ever be made in America, the 1952 Ferrari 342 America Cabriolet by Vignale was made to be a robust, powerful and ultimately luxurious car for the road, intended for the high-end clientele. The 1952 Ferrari 342 America Cabriolet by Vignale is made with an extended 2,650-millimeter wheelbase that can easily keep up with the demands of the large 200 horsepower Lampredi v-12. There have only been six of these cars made, with one made by Enzo Ferrari himself.

It has been shown that the 0232 AL was the very first 342 that was built and was the first out of three different cabriolet pieces. This one, in particular, was created by Vignale and comes with the unique feature of the slotted taillights that sit deep within the fender. The car was exported to the United States somewhere around the late 1950s and the early 1960s. It was purchased by a man named Dan Smith in Los Angeles and then sold to a man in Hayward, California. During this time, the 1952 Ferrari 342 America Cabriolet by Vignale was refinished with a metallic silver color. The bumpers of the car had been removed and it was very rarely displayed in public.

In 2007, the car was purchased by the same people that own it now. It was restored in California and given a green and white interior and exterior all the same. It only has 210 miles on it since its restoration.

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